Normaal The Space

The project takes its cue from four heterosexual couples featured in the examples of Dutch integration exam (inburgeringexamen) questions. They are Ali & Zara, Amel & Mo, Su & Peter, Hanna & Jan.

In Normaal the Space, we've created a portrait for each couple, symbolizing different aspects of the knowledge needed to be considered a qualified citizen. In addition, this project builds on my previous work on related topics, such as Real-Integration (2021)Consensual Inequality (2018)and Young Titans (2017).

This space shows the implicit values in the exam questions, and depicts the representation of immigrants in the exam questions, allowing us to compare it to real-life experiences and highlight the differences.
Normaal The Space(2022)

Collaborated with Qiaochu Guo
This project was supported by Cultuur Eindhoven and AFK.

Photo by Jing He

Photo by Hanneke Wetzer