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  1. Manifesto 2013

    Manifesto 2013

    1. I believe  that jewellery has functions, but the functions cannot be written in a manual.

        1.1   The functions and definitions of jewellery are flowing.

        1.2   Jewellery is one of many wearable objects.

              1.2.1  An object announce its independence when it has been made

              1.2.2  A ready-made object has its specific qualities and aspects that hint its original functions. But people could misuse it.

              1.2.3 One definitely can misuse a piece of jewellery and twist it into other objects, and vice versa.

              1.2.4 Consciously misusing an object is comparable to being deeply concerned about it.

    2. Jewellery has to be worn. But, wearing is not the function of jewellery.

          2.1 The title “jewellery” refers to actions.

          2.2 Jewellery starts to function when it is worn.

                2.2.1 To wear a piece of jewellery is to start a dialogue, a message, or to ask a question.

                2.2.2 One can secretly wear a piece of jewellery

    3. This is not a manual. 

    宣言 2013

    1. 我相信首饰有功能性,可是这些功能无法写在说明书里。

    1.1 首饰的功能与定义是流动的。

    1.2 首饰是众多可穿戴物品中的一种。

           1.2.1  一件物品当做出来时就宣告了它的独立。

           1.2.2 一件现成品的样子总是暗示着它的功能。可是,人可以误用它。

           1.2.3 一个人可以误用一件首饰,把它当成别的物品来使用。反之亦然。

           1.2.4 有意识的误用一样物品,相当于深深地关切这件物品。

    2. 首饰必须要被佩戴,而被佩戴却不是首饰的功能。

    2.1 首饰这个词与行动关联。

    2.2 首饰只有在被佩戴的时候才开始起作用。

           2.2.1 带一件首饰是开始一段对话,传递一个信息,或者问一个问题。

           2.2.2 可以不为人知地佩戴一件首饰。

    3. 这不是一份说明书。

    Manifesto 2013

    Manifesto 2013

    Manifesto 2013

    Manifesto 2013

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